We're So Happy You Found Us!

The Radio Bean is re-opening this June - weekends only to start, but more to come. We are elated to welcome the community back to the space because we're not the same without you!
Stay tuned --- we're bringing back live music, theatre, community events, food and drink, puppetry and poetry, lamps and plants and dance floors, Bean and Lamp Shop classics plus new stuff too. We've been working hard at switching up the space (but not too much) and it is ripe for folks to come along and make it feel like home again.
There is music to be felt! Friends to be discovered! Drinks to be drunk! Food to be tasted! Humans to be re-socialized! 
We'll keep you updated & we'll see you soon.
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8 N. Winooski Ave.

Open weekends in June, and moving towards a full open this summer 2021


12 N. Winooski Ave.

Lamp Lamp Lamp Lamp

Open weekends in June